Fun Ways to Use a Mini Trampoline

Fun Ways to Use a Mini Trampoline

We often think of the mini trampoline as more of a toy for children and not how it can help you improve your fitness.  It has more uses than just entertaining kids, it is a fun piece of fitness equipment for adults too.  It is a simple piece of equipment but that doesn’t make it any less effective in getting your heart rate up.  Good exercise equipment, doesn’t have to be complicated, running for example, only requires a decent pair of shoes.  Using your mini trampoline you can get a great cardio workout simply by jumping in place.  Let’s have a look at the fun ways to use a mini trampoline.

Entertaining the Kids

If you could bottle and sell the energy that kids naturally have you would be rich, in the meantime your trampoline can help them burn off some of that excess energy.  One of the great things about kids and trampolines is that they love the repetitive motion and jumping up and down.  Your mini trampoline is perfect for that.  Kids test themselves to see how high they can jump or how far they can spin around when they jump.  That is where they find the challenge, you can turn them loose on the trampoline and let them have some fun.  As much fun as the mini trampoline is, we can’t do anything about the kids fighting over it, you might want to get two!

Agility Training for Adults

Your trampoline isn’t just a kid’s toy, you can have it as part of your regular fitness routine.  Too cold or too wet to go outside and take a run, don’t have time to go to the gym then try using your trampoline instead.  Confine your movement on the trampoline to just a small area.  This will help improve your overall balance and give you a great cardio workout.  You will find elite athletes like boxers or MMA fighters using the trampoline to improve their own footwork.  Let’s face it aside from the great cardio workout they are a ton of fun, it beats running on a treadmill any day.  Here is a workout that you can try.

Burn Excess Energy

There are days when adults need to burn off excess energy or just get rid of some stress.  How many times have you lain awake at night trying to fall asleep and couldn’t.  It happens to all of us.  Next time try getting out of bed and getting rid of some of that energy that is keeping you up at night.  It is much easier to fall asleep when your body is tired.